Historical graph resolution

When plotting data of different inputs having different orders of magnitude in the same historical graph it is hard to appreciate the changes of the smaller one. The only solution I found so far is to use two different graphs. It would be nice to be able to plot only one variable’s graph at a time or all together, for example pressing on its correspondent name in the legend.
This way the plot window can be rescaled to the order of magnitude of that specific variable.
Anyway, your app is great.

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Hello. Thank for idea. Same thoughts here. Some day we will implement this :wink:

Maybe add this functionality to the Local Server first hmmm? :kissing_heart:

@Lichtsignaal this is apps UI, isn’t it?

Hmm, maybe so, but doesn’t it require some tinkering at local server side too?

@Lichtsignaal No, here just apps UI work required.

Ah ok, didnt realize that, good to know :slight_smile: