Historical data graph on Andorid

Hi All,
First of all let me congurugulate blynk for developing such a good product.

I have same data coming from Virtual pins and I am displaying on Historical Data Widget.

While developing the progam some out of scale data restored in history database.
My new data has fairly low values.
The widget automatically sets the Y scale to the largest number in database.
So my actual numbers can not be seen in the graph.
My question is;
How can I erase the history data in the database? (because when I delete the widget and put a new one it autmatically brings the old legends and data)

Would it be usefull to set a min max Y scale value/

All the best
serdar goksal

Hello. Agree. Some day we will fix that =). Too many other tasks at the moment.

It seems the only way right now is to “abandon” all historic data (lost one virtual-pin) and create a new one

i believe that you can clear the data by changing the pins, saving the widget, going back in and setting the pins back to what you want them to be. Worked for me on android


Clear data is done. Will be released in next update. (In few days)