High valued inputs/outputs does not work on Due


I am using an arduino due to make a brew-machine. I am using many pins, I have reached V35 by now. However, it seems there is an error in the library that will not let me use such high values - eventhough Due does support many in and out-puts.

Please help.


Make sure you have correctly chosen the Arduino DUE and that your App, libraries, etc. are all updated.



And as per the FAQ at end of the documents…

- How many Virtual Pins I can use?

It depends mostly on your hardware. Low-end hardware may use up to 32 Virtual Pins. More powerful (like ESP8266) can use up to 128 but it requires also BLYNK_USE_128_VPINS property in your sketch. Example.

// Uncomment to force-enable 128 virtual pins
//#define BLYNK_USE_128_VPINS

Thank you! I did not know you had to include that!

I still have a problem though. Firstly, the app does not update the terminals I place on my fourth tab. I solved that by moving the terminals to the other taps. But now it seems it is not possible to delete tabs, it is only possible to delete all tabs. Do I get something wrong?

Never tried, but I don’t see why not??

EDIT - tested and works just fine for me on any tab I used (I have 6 in one project)

Right now, you can only delete the last tab at a time. In the tabs settings, swipe the tab in question right or left to delete just it.

It worked - thank you :slight_smile: