Hi is anyone to know how set Slider widget to set a minutes

tell me if i understad correct tha i red

i inser the bridge code on my existing code

i change the divace A-B-C etc
and i pute the now token tha send me ???

in this way, when i turn the switch will light up all together???

That is almost right.

The basics of what are available are:

  1. Share a project - one piece of hardware can be controlled by an unlimited number of smartphones.

  2. Clone a project - project is copied for use on different pieces of hardware. Each piece of hardware has a different Blynk token and the token has to be entered into each piece of hardware. You can upload a new sketch to each piece of hardware with the token but there are also ways to update the token directly from a Smartphone.

  3. Bridge widget - one piece of hardware with a token can control another piece of hardware with a different token. This would be used for example if you have a complex project that needs more than the available digital or analogue pins on a single piece of hardware.

  4. Multiple devices - in the last few days Blynk have added the facility for a single project to control different pieces of hardware without using the Bridge widget. Details are available at http://docs.blynk.cc/#blynk-main-operations-control-of-multiple-devices

It’s impossible to say which system you require without knowing more about your project.

the last part i see right now and i going to ask you

i work the project in iphone if i see right this is only for adroid ?
is not a problem for me i have adroid divaice i just ask to be sure

if i use tha now button instead of slider the work to my sketch???

@Costas Thanks for sharing this code. I’m planning to use this with physical button and blynk button app to turn on physical led for time defined by the sliderwidget

I’ve found that the timer will only start if adjust time slider after every reboot. For example

  1. Board boots
  2. Adjust slider
  3. Press either Physical or App button
  4. Counter begins

If I don’t do step 2, the timer never starts.

@AusUser5 check out the “Hardware Sync State From App” in Blynk’s Sketch Builder (link is top right of each Community page).


Got it working. Thanks.

Couple of other questions.

Does the counter function only run once? I’ve added a button app on V14 and call the function

  ledState = param.asInt()
  digitalWrite(ledPin, ledState)

Its run once fine but subsequent presses does nothing. Can you explain the logic countdown a little more

Update well after about 4 hours i think i’m going about this wrong. I’d like to use the slider widget to read the countdown value, and then use the value for the count down which can be started by either a physical or app button press.