Help with the time imput widget

Hello everyone ! I would like to use the time imput widget in my simple project; I need to turn on and off a pin at differents times depending of the day of the week. I did that with the timer before, but it was a pain in the a** to change the value everyday… I read everythig i could about that widget, but i don’t get how it works …

Use the search facility, there are various Time Input sketches provided by Blynkers in addition to the basic ones provided by Blynk in the Arduino IDE and on GitHub.

Come back if you are still struggling after a thorough search.

The purpose of the Time Input widget is to be able to specify a date/time during project is running and pass it (the time) to the virtual pin.

You need to use the Timer widget. The Timer Widget will write “1” at specified time, just like you need. But at the moment there is no support of “differents times depending of the day of the week” in the Timer widget. You will need to write some code to achieve that.

@eugene I think Time Input is what he needs to use, not the Timer widget. Code exists on this site to do just this.

Instead of using time input why don’t you go for ifttt time trigger through blynk