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closing the thread just because i didn’t use your advice and done something by my self my project isn’t complete so i will propably need more help (btw from the way you write things you look really triggered about someone that doesn’t do what you say) so don’t abuse your power and reopen this.

The thread isn’t closed, it is now categorised as ‘solved’, because you said:


If you want to change the category back you can, simply click the pencil icon next to title and choose from the list of available categories then press the :heavy_check_mark: icon to save the change.

I’m sorry that you don’t like my style - I’ll step back and let others help you in future.

Good luck with your project.


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for anyone that wants to do the same thing as me or smh, you got the code and the build now btw it is not arduino leonardo i just couldn’t find wemos D1

@Dedi, as I mentioned before:

Once you have a grasp on how the timer library works, you can then solve your issue of:

Heck there are probably some examples of similar tasks somewhere on this forum, but without knowing how it functions you will not be able to adapt it to your needs, or even know example to look for.

Or you can do as @PeteKnight suggested:

If you do not want to take the time to further your knowledge of either, or both, of these suggestions, then you will not make it too far in the BLYNK world.

The solution you came up with may get you through this simple task, but it will not work for more advanced BLYNK projects.

Don’t assume your persecution, the topic was never closed nor was anything forced upon you. If you wish to ignore sage advice and find flawed workarounds, then that it your right… just don’t push the faulty methods here where others are trying to learn the proper way to use Blynk, timers, “background” operations, etc.