Help with my project idea

I want to make a solution for my society parking.

I want to attach particular slots to a unique car.

If some other car stands in it’s spot, i want the owner of the slot to get notified with the name and phone number of the person who parked in his spot.

I will make a spreadsheet about the details of the owners from which it can extract the information. I want the help in attaching slot to a unique car. I thought of using unique ir code for a particular spot or can also user BLE. Please somebody help me.

Looks like an interesting project.

There might be various solutions. You can put some BLE or other(NFC?) tags into cars.
It would be great to use phone as identifier, but since we dont have BLE support in Blynk yet you would need to figure out how to do that

So when a tagged car approaches the spot (stands there for X minutes) - a notification is sent to owner

You can build an app in Blynk and share it with users by sending them the QR code

Hi, buy someting like that it’s a Automatic Bollards. Every owner of the parking slot can control his Automatic Bollard with his phone. Easy :slight_smile: Greetz, Bernd

but the price… :scream:
Also, isn’t it much more interesting to make it yourself? :slight_smile:

thanks bernd for your insight. The price is too much. I will have to make something cheap. Further suggestions would be really appreciated.

You can use IR pair or ultrasonic to figure out whether a vehicle is parked. If something is parked, you can check if authorized BLE connection is done. If not, someone else has parked.

Identifying the parked vehicle is more challenging. What happens if a visitor parks his/her car? What happens if a bike is parked instead?

Pavel’s suggestion of NFC/RFID tags is also good. Will work for residents.

I wonder if the range of the NFC is big enough? I think that it’s about 40cm maximum. And where are you gonna but it? Some people park more to the left in a space and some more to the right.

And there is another problem, as already mentioned, not all cars are tagged, so you need a notify by exception. I think IR may be the best solution. You can create a pad of 4x4 IR leds. It’ll have lots of possible combinations and built that into the ground. A solar panel and an NRF or Wifi solution may be sufficient to send data or make a local raspberry which communicates with the IR sensors and a cabled connection to the interwebz via one router.

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Not easy to answer. How are the parking places arranged? A single row or a square with multiple rows? Can you dig in the street to bring cables and sensors into the street? Is it possible to attatch sensors to the cars? Is it possible to drive a stake into ground infront of every parking place?

First of all, you have to identify every car and the unknown cars. Marking the known cars with a QR code is easy. But then you need a camera. Bar code is possible but also you need a camera or scanner. NFC is only short range. Bluetooth which sends a token every X-seconds is not suitable for location.

AH… what about IR? Every car have a IR LED behind the window which sends every x-seconds a known IR-code. This is easy to detect and cheap. One IR LED in front of the car and one back side. That means you need on every parking place a IR sensor (like TSOPXXXX). A system like TV IR-remote control.

A first step… but… I would not place a electronic device in public area… somebudy can need it :wink:

Greetz, Bernd

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IR Tx and Rx is the only good option then.

Hi, I think this is an interesting idea. I started work on a similar project that reads an NFC tag and lets me attach a name to it and store the information on the cloud. My idea is to extend what I have to allow me to authorize NFC tags to unlock doors and track door usage, A similar approach could be used to store the owners phone number and use a ifttt to send a message to the owner of the spot.

You would need a NFC reader that would not be hurt by the cars and had the range to do the read. Also all cars that are not tagged would not have an ID so you would only be able to send a generic warning that a car was parked in the spot.

I have some code and would be happy to share if you are also happy to share what you create using my code.

@Gyromike FYI, this topic was created well over two years ago :wink: If you wish to post your code, please create a new Projects made with Blynk topic. Thanks.