Help with "Make your own IOT apps with Blynk. NodeMCU (ESP8266) Tutorial "

Hello. I follow the tutorial located in The first time, I could see the WiFi network generated by the nodeMCU D1, for example “My device” (in the tutorial “Anna Product”). But, I don’t know why, I coudn’t see it anymore. I tried to download again the proyect, change the name, use others computers, and I never could see again the access point generated by my device.

I tried with a new nodeMCU D1, and with the new nodeMCU, I could see the access point “My device”. So, I tried again with the previus one nodeMCU D1, and again I cannot see the acces point. I mean, with one nodeMCU, the tutotial works fine. But with other nodeMCU board, the tutorial worked at the begining, but I never could make it work again. I cannot see the access point for my device.

Do you know what can be happend?


It is in sketch under this video (in links list).

Did you hold reset button?