Help with connecting Blynk to a lsm6ds3 temperature sensor. (Arduino UNO)

I am having trouble figuring out how to connect the Blynk app to the temperature sensor, I just want to send the temperature sensor data to the app. Help would be appreciated (I am a beginner).
The Arduino code :

Welcome… as a beginner, please start by reading through the Welcome Topic, then the Help Center/Documentation… After that, if you still need to, please re-post your code WITH the required formatting backticks, etc. and explain what part or your code or understanding of how Blynk works that you are having trouble with.


PS The LSM6DS3 is a accelerometer and gyroscope sensor… You are not going to get any temperature results out of that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, thanks for your response
Also it does give temperature readings (I tried)

Yes, I see that at the end of the description… rather complicated and $$ solution compared to a $1 DHT or other sensor :stuck_out_tongue:

So then, simply follow the provided code (in the Spark-fun link - LSM6DS3 in green) and try the MinimalistExample, modified for Blynk connection - timers instead of full void loop(), but instead of sending a serial print, send a Blynk.virtualWrite()

AKA read the documents and follow through with experimenting and tests :smiley:

Ok will do thanks!!