Help with authentication token for blynk api (to use it with augmented reality)

Hello wanted to know how I can connect my Device using auth token so that I can use my Device for augmented reality with blynk2.0 . previously with the authentication token sent directly I could just use it along with my blynk api (like could just create one link and use it with unity ) but with new blynk I’m not sure how to do it . Can someone please help . because it gives the error auth token invalid

Check the new blynk API

Start with the Edgent demo.

First create the template and then as many devices as you want using that template. When the device is provisioned using edgent it will get a token.

In the web console you need to create a template, then create a device from the template. This will give you an Auth token, but you should read the documentation that @John93 linked to, as the API syntax has changed.


thankyou for your help , it worked with new api