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In the process of trying to research proper syntax and term usage in Blynk, I’m hung up not knowing which title or subtitle I can find the info about BLYNK_READ, BLYNK_WRITE and also Blynk.virtualWrite. I want to learn when and how to use these calls in hopes of figuring out why the value I am trying to send from a Vpin to the project is being ignored. In the old Blynk Docs section, everything was all on a single long page, so I was able to Ctrl/F to search for related terms, but now everything being compartmentalized, searching as far as I know is no longer possible which is why I’m hoping to rely on someone else’s memory to locate these terms to read up on.

Also, perhaps this thread can be hijacked for the same purpose by other researchers.


Searching is actually much simpler than before…

The syntax for these commands hasn’t changes at all between Legacy and IoT as far as I’m aware.

Probably because it’s outside of the min/max range that you’ve defined for the datastream that you’re sending it to. If your range is defined as 0-100 and you send the value 101 it will be ignored.

I could never figure-out a purpose for this command. I’d avoid trying to use it if I were you.


Read this

Yes, I’ve seen this before, but I still can’t see a situation where it has a real use when you take the conventional approach of pushing known data values to the server, and using Blynk.sync at start-up.


I tried searching the Docs for BLYNK_READ using the search box, but that resulted in being forwarded to Delay which made a single reference to BLYNK_READ. I remember the legacy docs section had some descriptive info about this and other calls and that is what I was hoping to read and relearn.

The current calls my sketch uses are all BLYNK_WRITE calls, but for reasons not yet known, this is producing an undesired result and I just wanted to research various things on my own time to rule out possible reasons for my holdups. The function in my sketch above called void ROcheck() is malfunctioning and this function I’ve used successfully on several boards back on legacy Blynk, and am just wanting to try every possible thing I can think of to figure this out.

Edit - I just remembered you showed me a few weeks ago where to find the legacy Docs, I’ll read there. Thanks again for your time and wisdom!!

In that case, don’t waste time with BLYNK_READ. I’ve no doubt that it’s been left out of the new docs because it’s a bit of a dinosaur.


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