HELP...Please Hold My Hand!


I need help with my Blynk and Arduino setup.

Here is my system:]
Arduino IDE 1.6.13 (set for Arduino Uno) Com5
Genuine Arduino Uno R3
Genuine Arduino
Genuine Arduino Wireless SD Shield
Genuine Xbee S1

I have tried everything I have read in postings both here, Cayenne & the main Arduino web sites and nothing works, I even thought about slaughtering a goat at midnight but nothing works.

I can upload a Wifi sketch with no problems but the only message I get from the Uno is, “Wifi shield not present”.

I have also tried a number of the Ethernet boards and I can upload a basic sketch but the system will not make contact with the server. I have even set up my own network with a Linksys router and made sure that here is no security and no firewall to no avail.

I am a little taken aback by the concept of this being simple as I am not a novice with the Arduino but not an expert (which, it seems, I need to be).

I will trying Bluetooth next…if I can get some help.

I would really appreciate some help as I have already spend a good deal of time and money and would really like to get this system working.

post your code so I will try it on D1 mini and Uno R3 via USB to serial

I have to admit that getting my own UNO online with Blynk wasn’t easy.

You would be best buying an ESP8266 Dev board like the NodeMCU/WeMos (I use these clones).

Then you will laugh at how easy it is to get working.