Help Login to the App

I installed the new version of Blynk and re-registered because I couldn’t at login, but I can no longer find the applications I had previously created and the remaining credit I had.
How can I do this?


The previous version BLYNK is no longer supported. It will stopped by this month end.

The BlynkIoT is the new platform.

So the credit/energy what you had will not be carry forwarded to this new platform, as this doesn’t follow the energy practice anymore.

You must have received a mail long back to subscribe to plus or pro plans for a discount. This was for whom ever purchased energy in the old platform.

So I have to subscribe to a new subscription plan and then I can get back the old applications I had built?


You have to sign-up to a Blynk IoT account, either free or paid.

There is no process for importing your old projects into a Blynk IoT, so you will need to create a template, add the datastreams and create a device based on that datastream.
You’ll then need to manually remove-create your app and link the widgets to the datastreams you’ve created.
You will also need to modify your code slightly so that it connects to the new IoT servers and works with the new Blynk library.


Thank you for the accurate and detailed directions.