Help. I'm a total Noob

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void loop()

Sorry. I didn’t get to put what I wanted help with and then I couldn’t fix it.
I’m a total noob. I don’t know how to code; can learn.
I have a NodeMCU with ESP8266.

  1. How can I get a LED to blink from D1/GPi05 and control it from a Blynk button. IE: press button on and the LED blinks and press off and it stops blinking? Is it even possible?

  2. How could I light a LED from D2/GPI04 and have it turn off after 3 seconds.

I am able to turn on LED’s from either D1 or D2 using buttons from Blynk

Thank you for all the help.

We don’t teach how to code here… but by reading through ALL the official Help, Documentation and Sketch Builder pages (links all at the top of this page… scroll up), and reading through the existing topics you will see many examples and explanations on how to get started… then as you learn to ask specific Blynk related questions, others can and will assist with your learning.

Have you taken a look at some of the Sketch Builder examples?


Pete, Yes I can even get a virtual LED to flash in blink.

By Gunners response I guess this site is only for experienced users and not for total noobs. Sorry to bother you guys.

@MyBluOx Not sure where you get that translation :stuck_out_tongue: We are all beginners in some way when we started here… I am still teaching myself how to code, thanks to the many examples here… but what we don’t do, is do it all for you.

That said… there are many examples I have slowly written that might help you over time… if you are willing to put effort into learning :wink: