Help, i need coding for my project

I use Wemos D1 R2, Soil moisture, and water pump dosing DC.
Indonesia language: Jadi misal sensor tanahnya menunjukkan kondisi tanah kering, kita akan mendapatkan notifikasi di aplikasi blynk, kemudian secara MANUAL kita menyalakan pompa airnya yang menggunakan relay module. Bagaimanakah codingan yang tepat untuk projek saya?

English language (with translate): So for example the soil sensor shows the condition of dry soil, we will get a notification in the blynk application, then MANUALLY we turn on the water pump using the relay module. What is the correct code for my project?image

@Rayhan_Kurniawan this is not a valid question to ask on the Blynk community. You can’t simply describe what you want and walk out with a code for your project. We can surely help when you have problems in your project, code etc. but we won’t write the code for you. If you are unable to write the code yourself, you should better hire some freelancers from other websites to get your work done.