Help for installation of V1.0.0

I’m migrating a project to Blynk2.0 running on a Raspberry Pi and I’m struggling to get the latest Python library installed. According to this post I have to install the latest manually, but I don’t know how to do this. Could someone give me advice how to download and install this library file?

That’s right. You are using blynk IOT auth token with the old blynk library. You have to manually install this file and replace it with the one you’ve already installed using the " pip install blynk-library-python " command. after that your serial monitor should say " for python v1.0.0 (linux) " which is the new blynk library. [Capture]


If you run pip install blynk-library-python it will install version 0.2.0 of the library.
Then locate where these files have been installed and replace them with the newer files that are here:


Thanks a lot. I found the 0.2.0 file and replaced with 1.0.0.

According to the examples on github the syntax for virtual pi write is:


"# Register Virtual Pin for temperature slider
def temp_write_handler(value):
print(“Current soll TEMP value: " + value)
global t_soll
t_soll = int(value)”

but I get error “Blynk instance has no attribute ‘VIRTUAL_WRITE’”. When I use “virtual_write” instead I get “NoneType’ object is not callable”. Do you have any hint whats wrong here?

I’d suggest that you look at this example…