HC05 is not connecting with blynk

My HC05 is not connecting with blynk. I am using blynk library version 0.61 zip. I am using Blynk-server -0.41.11. My Bkynk app version is 2.27.11. After i press the connect button in the app it says connected and the light blynks every 2 seconds. But, when i run it it says the arduino uno is not connected.I am using the bluetooth widget (not BLE.) I am trying to use the sketch built code from the blynk sketch builder. I even tried with new bluetooth modules. Help please! :sob:

Some things don’t work the same way with Bluetooth/BLE.
The device connected status in the app may be one of these.


Thanks for replying. Would you have any details about why it isn’t working?

Normally, using an internet connection, the communication method is like this:

App <—> Server <—> Device

The app only talks to the server, and the device only talks to the server.

With Bluetooth, it’s much more complex. The phone running the app is talking to the device and is also attempting to talk to the server (but that is optional) therefore the app is talking directly to the device, and at no point is the device talking directly to the server, so some server related functionality isn’t available.
At least that’s my understanding of the process. I’ve never used Bluetooth, and as far as I’m concerned it has no place in an IoT system.