HC-05 can't connect to blynk app

Can’t connect to my HC-05 module because it’s undiscoverable in the Blynk app. It’s discoverable in my phone settings.

Sometimes it’s discoverable in the Blynk app but then it will shows “Something went wrong when connecting to your bluetooth device” and sometimes it says “connecting…” forever

I read other topic that had the same problem as mine but didn’t manage to solve my problem.
Nothing show out from the serial monitor either
Changed my baudrate in the sketch as well (9600 and 34800)
At some point I thought it’s probably because my module is broken (even though it’s blinking red) or maybe it have compatibility issue or something
I’m completely lost

I’m using:
Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (Android 10)
Blynk App Version: 2.27.21
Blynk Library Version: 0.6.1
Arduino Uno R3

My connection:
RX ========> pin 3 arduino uno
TX ========> pin 2 arduino uno
VCC =======> 5V+ arduino uno
GND =======> GND arduino uno

The code that I used is from Arduino Example code