Hardware get auth token

Hello, i was wondering if there is a way for the hardware to get a new auth token from the server? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello. Why would you need this?

I am making an device that all it does is send an email when it detects water. I’ve made it so the wifi is configurable through the web browser (it’s an esp8266 with wifi manager on it) and would like to make it so it can send an email with no app interface. Hope that helps :slight_smile: @Dmitriy

You can just create project and use it token. No need in app in that case. Just “Run” your project and leave it as it is. That’s it.

Yes. I know but it would be nice if I gave some to family or friends I didn’t need to set that up.

That what we do for business and it is not free :slight_smile:.

OK, that makes sense