Handling datastream as an array

Is it possible to handle virtual write data sent as an array to the cloud?

On my device I’m sending the array like this:
Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, values[4], values[5], values[6], values[7], values[8], values[9], values[10]);

But when I create a datastream for that it results in:
Integer = No data
Double = No data
String = first value (values[4]) on terminal of web dashboard, all values on terminal of mobile dashboard (no delineation)

I’ve noted that it requires significantly less processing time to send virtual write data as an array, but it seems like we’re locked to sending data piecemeal at present as I see no way to handle arrays. Am I correct? Updating multiple (in my case 8) virtual pins does seem to chew up a bit of extra processing time and for my current project I am weary of spending too much time updating the cloud if that creates gaps in my data capture.

One solution is to use the HTTP(S) Rest API to do a batch update…



Thanks Pete for the tip, I’ll give that a go!