Guidance to prevent any project deletion or setup failure consisting of many projects


Hello all

Have used Blynk and like it.I wanted suggestion and guidance as will be increasing projects in my setup with local server.Kindly guide me what care should be taken to avoid any file/project deletion either due to blynk system or any up gradation won’t be deleting any using any delete operation as same causes disruption and entire setup is affected,as it’s great system and want to build great projects with it



using blynk-cloud
go to clone and send yourself the qr code for each project

using blynk server
backup the files that end with *.user in the data directory.

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If Blynk actually up and disappears, as in no more Cloud Server, all the benefit of QR codes and such will go with it. But the same can be said for ANY company that offers an online service, so why worry about the unknown and uncontrollable?

And you could always setup a Local Server and keep a copy of the Apps latest .APK for when the apocalypse does happen… oh wait, no internet, power, people… hmmm…

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