Graphs dont auto update in Web UI, should they not?

Just noted, or realized (?), the graphs in the Web UI doesn’t autoupdate.

Is this a new thing or was it so before?
For example if i have a period set to “Last hour” the graphs are updated on page load and reload but there is no update if the page is just kept.

  • Should a dashboard graph not continously update?

Bug or chosen by design?

Never looked at my graphs long enough but indeed, only “Latest” is a live and updating value.

I remember reading somewhere that refreshing is necessary atm for Web graph… The new gauge widget auto updates which is a good step forward.

At the moment - no.
Just to clarify - you have your dashboard opened for a long period of time?

this is noted when page/dashboard is open “for long time” (and not manually reloaded/refreshed).

(Any time I reload page, the latest data is plotted. OK. This also means if you switch between dashboards etc it will “work”. But my use case is to display only one dashboard “all the time”.)

As I would like to see a dash board is:

  • Graphs are auto updated. Whenever new data is in Datastream it should be plotted. (Slider etc work so, why not graphs.)

  • I also would like to have a full screen mode where also the upper part with “meta info” is not displayed. Only the actual widgets. (As it is now, the interesting data to supervise is only a part of the screen. On a very large monitor, this works OK, but on most laptops and also on tablets, this is too small. According to my liking.)

Keep up the good work!