Graphs are not being updated

It looks like my sensor values are not being stored anymore. My graphs are not being updated since last Friday 4 November. Is there any issue with the server or it’s just me?

Hello. Please tell me your login email. Do you mean history graphs?

Yes it’s the history graph. Sent you my login email as a pm.

Hello!!!i have problem with history graph to…since 4 November…

This was server issue. Fixed. Please check now. Thank you for reporting.

I can see data now thaks @Dmitriy!!!

@Spyrosgreece Please don’t shy to post issues if you see something not working :wink:. No need to wait few days :slight_smile:

Thanks @Dmitriy I think it was my fault…!!!

@Dmitriy hello again!!!Still no update for one hour period on history graph…

Do you mean 1d and 1w?

Sorry…I mean 1h.

@Dmitriy Now it’s ok!!!