Graph widget with frequency faster than 1sec

I use Arduino 101 and connect via BLE to my iPhone via the Blynk library Boards_Bluetooth scatch.
I want to display my analog input via live Graph, but the fastest frequency of 1sec is too slow. Ideally I would like to see something like 30Hz.

Is it possible?


Yes, you have to set the widget to “Push”. With this set to push you can push the data from the hardware side with a timer function (see the PushData example). Now you can create your own limit from the hardware side to the app.

As that is 30 data transmissions per second (or 33ms equivalent on a timer), you might? be able to get away with it for a short while, even on cloud server… as long as you don’t have much else going on (Blynks built-in settings used to go as low as 250ms, but probably got increased due to cloud traffic - @Dmitriy, when did this happen? ).

But watch out for flood errors that can cause disconnections between your app and hardware