Grant access for specific users for the buttons

We have a shared project, we have several buttons in it.
Also we have a list of users with their telephone numbers.
Idea is following: the user has to enter somehow his telephone number, if it’s in the list, all buttons will work at project, if it’s not at list, only several buttons will work.
Please advice, how is the best way to organize this.

Thanks in advance.

You can’t at the moment. However, this feature will be a part of future Blynk release.

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When can we expect the new release?

you did not mention if multiple users must be authorized at the same time. If not,

  • Make all the buttons in question use virtual pins.
  • Once they enter their phone number, keep the number in a variable on the hardware.
  • When the BLYNK_WRITE calls from buttons come in, if the phone number matches the use of the virtual pin, then let the code do its work, otherwise return;

Thanks for your idea, but several users should be autorized at the same time.
Do U have some iother dea?

A different version of the app for each user, with a different auth code, then use bridge code to pull everything together?
Actually this approach would be much easier to handle in Node-Red as it simplifies the bridging process considerably, but not sure if you want to go down that route.