GPS Trigger seems not be working

I am using Blynk on M5 Stack. I appreciate for providing convenient tool.
Until recently, GPS trigger worked very well, like giving Blynk_write(V6) when I get into a certain zone. However, thesedays, perhaps the update of the software in April, the signal write does not come to the system.

I rechecked by a simple serial port report, and confirmed that the write signal does not come.

Since I have not re-write the code, this problem shuld be due to the smart phone software. Of cause, I gave the permission of GPS to the software. If the same issue will be found, I would be happy if if you could fix it.

• M5 stack with Eithernet
• Smartphone OS: Android 11
• Server: Blynk Cloud
• Software version: 2.27.33

Should be fixed in 2.27.24 which is in the review in play store

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I will wait for that!

I’d suggest moving to the new blynk instead, the old blynk will be retired at some point.

The new version worked very well. Thank you very much.