GPS Streaming (Android) and Node-Red


I.m trying to get the GPS streaming going.

In Node Red I get

How do I get the rest of the GPS data?


Hi. GPS sends 2 values separated with null character :

β€œlat lon” - where space is null character.

String or float?

String with floats

β€œ23.33232 34.44444”

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I tried this:

The code in the function block is

var ttt = msg.payload;

ttt = ttt.split(null);

msg.ttt = ttt;
return msg;

It seems to return only a single element in the array - the data in debug is the lat

What am I doing wrong?


null is not null character. null character is β€œ\0”

GPS sends 4 values, although last two for a some time could be 0:

All separated by β€˜\0’ character

Hi Nico,

Did you reve resolve this last year? I get the same. Also for gyro sensor too? Debug node only shows the X axis values or the latitude. I can only get the strings first elements.

@iainmac This is an older topic and there have been many changes since. If you have specific issue, please create a new topic and include more detail and your code. Thank you.