Gps streaming and Map widgets for tracking

By the help of “GPS streaming widget”, we can obtain our coordinates easily. By carrying these lat. and lon. datas we can visualise, at the same time, our points on the “Map widget”.

In my experiment I used 2 smartphones (phone A and phone B) and 1 nodeMcu. I wanted to use “GPS streaming widget” in phone A, and “Map widget” in phone B. But that was impossible since I used the same account and the same tokens for them. In other words when I select any widget for my application in phone A, I see the same widget was automatically downloaded to the other phone. So I couldn’t use different widgets in phone A and B.
Is there any solution to challenge this scenario?
Or is it possible to send the data which was obtained in any project to the other project which has different token?
Thanks so much…

Yes bridge widget as long as both projects belong to the same account.

Oooh yes, It seems good, thanks…