GPS position missing on Android Mobile App

Hi, my air quality tracking device has been working well for several months. Yesterday I updated Blynk IOT on Android and I am now unable to see the GPS position using the mobile Map widget (see code snippets below.) Continues to work ok on IOS and GPS position is updated on Web dashboard.

Phone is Samsung Galaxy A20 running Android 11 updated yesterday as well.

This code has been working reliably for months so something has gone awry or I am missing something. Appreciate your thoughts here.


double latID = 0;
double lonID = 0;


void getGPS() {

  String line1, line2;
// Using Sparkfun GPS module
  myGNSS.checkUblox(); //See if new data is available. Process bytes as they come in.

  if(nmea.isValid() == true) // if valid data go get it
    long latitude_mdeg = nmea.getLatitude();
    long longitude_mdeg = nmea.getLongitude();
    latI = latitude_mdeg / 1000000.;
    lonI = longitude_mdeg / 1000000.;
    latID = latitude_mdeg/1000000.;
    lonID = longitude_mdeg/1000000.;

    line1 = String("lat: ") + String(latI, 6);
    line2 = String("lng: ") + String(lonI, 6);

    mapGPS(); //update location on Blynk map

    nmea.clear(); // Clear the MicroNMEA storage to make sure we are getting fresh data
   // Serial.println("Waiting for fresh data");


void mapGPS() {

sprintf(pmLabel, "PM2.5:%4dug/m3\n", dustvalues1.PM2_5Val_atm); // use PM2.5 value for marker label

// V5 is defined in Datastream as data type "String" and associated in mobile app with Map // widget

 Blynk.virtualWrite(V5, markerNum, latID, lonID, pmLabel, newColor); // update marker position=GPS, color=PMAQI (marker color hack for iOS)



void setup() {


 timer.setInterval(3000L, getGPS); // get GPS coords.



What is your current Android app version?


Map widget point add/update have only 4 params: index, lat, lon, label

Hi Pete, it’s 1.5.0 (67) installed 7/5/22.

@BlynkAndroidDev thanks. I know the 4 params but I have been using the “extra” color feature for iOS for 2 years and it’s essential for my app (the marker color changes with the value, from green to yellow to orange to red.) Was hoping it would work as well on Android. Is there a way to test for running on Android, so that I can issue the correct params for it?

I may allow the use of 4 params even if there are more in one of the next updates.

@BlynkAndroidDev thanks! Guess ability to set color attribute might be asking too much? :wink:

I will add it too, its strange that I had no knowledge about this ‘feature’ before

@BlynkAndroidDev thanks so much!!