{GPS MODULE + ARDUINO + Esp8266} Push sensor code running only for 10 seconds. Need help with Blynk timer

Btw, Gunner i will try to do what u just said

Study the following thread [SOLVED] Arduino or NodeMCU GPS tracking system on Map widget

@costas i read the article. Unable to run with my setup. I have error in ESP.wdtFeed(); Maybe its because i am using a {arduino + esp8266} and not esp8266 shield.

Can you please provide me with the final fixed code you got. Its very urgent. Ineed to finish soon. I tried everything but nothing is working. :disappointed_relieved:

It’s specific to ESP and shouldn’t really be needed with an Arduino.

I have enough of my own deadlines without worrying about yours.

Nothing is being printed on the screen. Btw @Costas don’t be angry. I am trying since past five days and nothing productive is coming out. :sob:

[11036] Connected to WiFi
[21892] Ready (ping: 25ms).
[31944] Login timeout
[52742] Ready (ping: 23ms).
[62794] Login timeout
[78220] Ready (ping: 24ms).
[88272] Login timeout

@Abhinav_Thakur don’t mess up the site with duplicate posts.

Have you actually tested your Arduino + ESP with anything simpler than GPS?

I happen to know that you use ISP’s that are quite different to what most Blynkers use. It could be something as simple as that. If you haven’t already tested the basic Blynk examples forget GPS and work through them with as much Serial Monitor data as you can get.

Don’t forget that Arduino’s weren’t designed to work with ESP’s and you will get much better results using ESP’s in standalone mode.

@Costas i’m new to this platform but i did try some things before. Btw i am unable to do it on blynk that’s why i am asking for help. This platform is different and there are not much examples to look into.

There is a huge list of examples and I suggest you start with blinking an LED like the rest of did when we first found Blynk.

Dude dont try to mock me but i have done those things before. I am asking for help.Plus i have wasted too much time here. If you can, its cool and if you don’t then plz don’t

I’m not mocking anyone I’m simply telling you how to get the most out of Blynk.

Sorry I couldn’t help you.

I don’t really know what to do. I guess i need to explore more.

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