Gpio's keeps turning on

Hey guys. I’m new to this Blynk and nodemcu. Apparently, I’m using NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module) to initiate program in my Arduino Mega 2560. I’ve used gpio 12, 13 and 14 to initiate some of my program. The problem is, the gpio seems to gives out continuous output which makes my project to run by itself without pushing buttons on the Blynk app. How can I solve this?

Not sure what you mean, or think you mean by this??

You can either use the ESP as a standalone MCU (programed by IDE and completely independent of any Arduino boards) or as simple WiFi-Serial “shield” running AT firmware and all your programming and IO usage is done on the Arduino board itself.

I was using the arduino for my project. The ESP8266 was only for notification and wireless interaction between the app and the project. The gpio’s were supposed to give signal when I push buttons in blynk apps. But, apparently, the gpio’s keeps on sending signal without pushing any button.

Then that is using the ESP as a WiFi adapter (or shield)… in which case, once the ESP is loaded with the AT firmware, programmed for the correct BAUD rate and wired to your Arduino, you never ‘touch’ it or program it again… it becomes just a simple WiFi-Serial adapter.

All your programming (still via USB) and IO interaction is then done on the Arduino itself… which then communicates to the Blynk Server via that WiFi-Serial adapter in the background.

That’s helpful. How about that gpio keeps on giving signal to arduino even though I’ve not pushed any virtual button on blynk that is connected to those gpio? It happens everytime after the nodemcu is turned on.

How do you know it is giving a signal? The only thing that should be wired up between the Arduino and ESP in shield mode (aside from power and ground) is RX & TX pins. Thus no commands on your Arduino will ever affect the ESP GPIO pins.