Google Sheets scripts (just starting)

Hello –
Am just starting the research on this. I want to collect some data with a standalone module and routinely upload data to a google docs sheet.
If anyone here is doing similar work and can offer any advice, that would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

I have spent the last few weeks trying to find a solution to this very issue. I was hoping to find a solution that would both update data and send me a message when certain conditions are met. Without getting in to a lengthy post, I can tell you I looked at using thingspeak, temboo and google big query. Please keep in mind that I am not a programmer and until last year around this time, I had never written a line of code.

Temboo allows 250 calls per month and (i think) 1gb of data transfer per month with a free account. They have great tech support. I have one project that the 250 calls is not an issue. My new project it might be. Their “choreos” will not allow you to sream data but rather append rows or columns and such.

I did not have good luck with thingspeak. I tried to use some of their examples and never got them to work. I sent several requests for help and never heard back from them. They also offer twitter or twilio as messaging solutions. Same thing, either limits or pay for the service. Their apps are located here
I did not find a way to send data to a spreadsheet. They are more interested in graphs.

Google Big Query was confusing (to me) for setting up. I did get it to work but it involves a lot of set up. Did I mention confusing? It is also strictly a paid service with a 60 day trial.

I found this site which was easy to set up, posted data and you can download the data in a number of formats. Only issues, some of the information is outdated so you will need to do some reading. I did get some help from tech support. The limits are 50 mb, no more then 100 pushes in a 15 minute period and all streams are public. This provides me with a place to put data in the cloud and retrieve it for a spreadsheet. The 100 pushes can be all at once or spread out. You can publish your data privately, but anyone with the URL will be able to see it. They also have open source server called Phant so you can create your own servers and change the restrictions.

Hope that helps, Good Luck and if you find anything else out related to this, please update the post.

This could be easily done with Blynk. But I need detailed step-by-step explanation of what exactly do you need.


I could send you detailed steps of my project but would prefer not to post,


You may send a private message.

Hello mpo881 –
Thank you for the insight into your travails. You and I may be at similar levels of experience in these matters, I being new to this.
My needs/interests are pretty simple, which is to append row (as you mentioned) and daily email of the modified file in *.csv to my email account in the afternoon. I am pretty much set up with Google, so that seemed easiest. Create new file weekly, restart the process.
I am fairly sure I read of this method in a wildlife management periodical, and quite some time before IoT became the rage.
So, I am trying to review the Google Apps Scripts reference pages, see where that gets me. Will post any fails/successes here as this develops.
All the best!

Hello Dmitriy, please, can you post the solution for streaming to Google sheet in public? Would be very interesting.