Google Assist+ IFTTT+Blynk

Hello everyone, I'm trying, via Google Assist and IFTTT, to connect to my module esp8266-12f. I have refactored IFTTT programming several times and when I call Google and say the programmed command, Google opens a search page and does not activate anything, providing the following information (it looks like these lights have not yet been configured). Can someone help me?

Sounds like Google Assistant account isn’t linked to your IFTTT account. Try un-linking and re-linking.

Also, you’d be better using GET rather than PUT and putting the whole API command in the URL field and nothing in the Body field.

The GET syntax is slightly different though.


Try unlinking and re-linking, I already did and it did not work.

Also, it would be better to use GET instead of PUT and put the whole API command in the URL field and nothing in the Body field, I already did this and it did not work.

I already changed it to https: //, and it still did not work.


Can anyone help me with this?

Please help me

Make sure your auth code is correct. Try the URL in your web browser to be sure it is working.

I think you need to remove the code from the “body” part of the IFTTT function and the url should look like this:

As @PeteKnight has already said, use GET instead of PUT.

Is that IP address correct for you? - Make sure it is, otherwise it will not work.

The URL is normal, through the Google Assistant that is broadcasting this message.

I’ve already switched to GET too, and that did not help.

What does this message mean in English?

Please post your latest IFTTT recipe, and details of exactly what happens when you use the same URL in a browser.


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when I ask Google to turn on lights, it responds to this message:
it looks like these lights have not been set up config

and when I type Url on Google, it performs the normal command.

I don’t think it’s a Blynk issue.
Maybe a question for the IFTTT or Google Assistant user forums?


I posted some conversations in the Google Forum Assist, so far I have not received an answer, I’m really looking forward to it.

It may have something to do with your verbal/written commands.

The first one has a typo. “ligths” instead of “lights”. Also the verbal command would be, “Hey/OK Google, Lights on” or “Hey/OK Google, on lights”. Saying “Hey Google, Turn on Lights” may cause an error. Either add “turn” to the written command line, or don’t include it in the verbal command.

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I need url to connect my blink to google assistant, may i know the steps to get a url