Global Virtual Pins (aka, Blynk Cloud Pins)

Problem Statement: share information across multiple, dynamically- or statically-provisioned devices.

Note: With dynamically-provisioned devices, the Bridge widget isn’t feasible.

Proposed Solution: Global Virtual Pins (GVPs). Let’s assume there are 16 GVPs,

G0, G1, ... G15

The app / project would update a GVP and BLYNK_WRITE (or equivalent) would be invoked on each device associated with the app / project. Blynk.syncVirtual (or equivalent) would also be supported.

Use-case #1:

  1. Two dynamically-provisioned devices using the Device Tiles widget.
  2. Click on the “SETUP” tab. Note: The “SETUP” tab is intended to span all devices.
  3. Enter the authorization token for a cloud-based dashboard in a Text Input widget associated with G0.
  4. BLYNK_WRITE(G0) is invoked on each device to locally configure the authorization token.

Use-case #2:

  1. Dynamically provision a third device.
  2. Once connected, the device invokes Blynk.syncVirtual(G0).
  3. BLYNK_WRITE(G0) is invoked on the device to locally configure the authorization token.

Use-case #3:

(same as Use-case #1 only you update the SSID and password associated with all of the devices)

Alternatives? Any other suggestions in terms of how this sharing across multiple, dynamically- or statically-provisioned devices can be achieved? Maybe this is something Blynk has planned as part of the next major release?



This feature is already planned and called Cloud Pins. Glad we are not the only ones who thought about that.


Crap. I guess I’ll withdraw my patent application. :wink:

Out of curiosity, is it bi-directional? In other words, can it be used for inter-device communication (with dynamically-provisioned devices)? Or is it only for communicating across multiple devices (as I described)? I was after the low-hanging fruit, but obviously something like the MQTT broker pub / sub mechanism would be great.

is this feature is replacing or more easier way to bridge ?

Pavel, Would you be willing to add “Cloud Pins” to the Blynk Roadmap under “PLANNED” with a little more information in terms of what it entails?

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