Getting wifi networks and token

I was trying to understand the sample “myPlant” to add similar functionalytu to my app…

I choose “Blynh provisioning”…

I’m failing to see where the “get networks presents” code is… also, where is the code to get and inject automatically the token ???

Seems like that function are in the app, not in the firmware, but I can’t understad how to add it…


It’s in the app and the firmware. The recommendation is to use the template rather than myPlant.

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Hi Costas…

I thought there is a “app template” but still can’t search and find it…!

Can you point me where it is …???


Next to myPlant in the examples of the Arduino IDE.

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Great… go for it later… still at work… :smiley:

Thanks again…!

Still can’t find the Android side of the connection…:sleepy:

Are you using your own server or Blynk’s cloud server (configuraton is in ConfigStore.h)?

Other settings are in Settings.h.

The Android part is built into my Apps.


Can’t connect even my to own wifi…

The “fancy screens” like myPlant, never came… I’m sure something is missing in the app… so, automatic token never is got too…

I must conect to to fill in the data… but no connection anyway…

I’m lost at the moment… :frowning:

Even forced the server in configuration screen:

Forget it… My bad… :roll_eyes:

Now I see the “provisioning” logic only works when the project is in “My Apps”… can’t work in design mode… I thought I was missing some component/coding in my project…

I will test the app from the My App menu later… Not at home at the moment…

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