Getting started with Blynk and create program

I am planned to purchase below board for developing IOT application. I have used arduino uno initially need clarification on below points

  • weather Internet to be connected to develop blynk application. weather local client can used for intially testing or not. I have tested simple Blink example with it configured as shown in examples but if i try serial monitor it gives trying to connect and wont show it connected. i have not given internet connection

  • I am using Nodemcu unit is there good example link available to blink an led.

  • example code for read DS3231 RTC time and Set RTC date time

  • Is there any sheild avilable to attached with above kit


Couple of remarks. If you’re completely new to this then perhaps that is indeed a good kit. Not becasue of the phsyical material but because of the support around it (sample code and whatnot).

If however you’re planning to deep dive into Blynk anyway and thus have to more or less develop your own routines: sparkfun is heavily overprices. I think I can get those items for less than $15 through chinese webshops.

One other thing, I would stick to nodemcu or wemos d1 (the latter has my strong biased preference) as these are best supported (most people are familiar with them) on the blynk forum.

To answer your questions… your english is rather flaky so im not sure i fully understand you but here goes:

  1. if you use ‘default’ blynk code than the routines will hang on the part where it makes internet connection: no connection = halt right there. There are routines around this: search this forum or simply connect it to the internet
  2. yes. search this forum and check ou the examples (there are many, including exactly what you want)
  3. yes again, search this forum especially search for rtc 1970 as this tackles immediately the issue everyone runs into when they start to employ rtc.
  4. very likely but as I said: go wemos and yes there are many shields for the wemos d1 mini’s.

The main thing is, the wemos d1 costs roughly 2 euros the sparkfun dev board in your ink is ~40 euros.
currently ive demolished 4 or 5 wemos units (simply stupidity on my side) do I worry about it…it has costs me less than EUR12,50 ‘learning money’ (it has cost me a lot more in frustration but thats another thing). If I blow up such a sparkfun…5 times…I think it would end my enthusiasm for DIY - IoT.
The point is that I experiment a LOT with those units and have build a large project and then I don’t want to worry about breaking stuff. Spending so much money no one unit automatically kills of any experimental spark.

but thats just my $0.02