Getting Blynk (client) to work on C.H.I.P. hardware

You can always schedule a remote session from one of the forum guys to help you remote. Forward the SSH port and create an account on the Pi and you’re done :wink:

I certainly do understand frustration when it comes to creating things. You want a working solution and enjoy the fruits of your labour! :wink:

I love creating things, and the challenges it usually brings… helps keep me alive! However, growing up with undiagnosed learning disabilities, my biggest frustration as a kid was poor quality teaching materials and poor quality teaching in general… and as such I have built up with a wee bit of intolerance to such :wink:

I discovered that I best learn by self taught example, but still require (and appreciate) clear instructions leading to the tools, lots of pictures and/or diagrams (sometimes in crayon :stuck_out_tongue: ) showing how to implement the tools; and must have some form of a functional example that I can poke at with the tools, so as to figure out how it works.

This is the method I try to use when teaching others, as I know from experience that it works best for most anyone… those that get it can ignore the fluff, those that don’t get it appreciate the clarity.

Honestly, frustrations aside, I am not sure what keeps me in the Blynk forums the most… the learning or the (hopefully) helping others as I learn.

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