Getting 0 data in Widget

Hi Friends,

I am using CC3200-Launchpad for send some data to Blynk server, I created some API in code composer studio to connect and send some data to Blynk server, my device can connect to blynk server, and can send some data( I don’t know whether it is working or not) but I am getting zero at application side.

when I tried to debug my code I got some result here is the following: 
<msg 2,1,32
<"my AuthToken" 
>msg 0,1,200
>msg 20,878,4
in blynk cmd hardware... 
>vr 0
vr command: Not fully supported yet
<msg 20,878,8
<vr 1 90 
No handler for reading from pin 1<msg 2,2,32
<"my AuthToken"
>msg 20,881,4
Connect failed (code: 4)
>msg 255,0,0   

I downloaded and modified code present in “BLYNK_LPC11E36_LPCXpresso-master” folder for CC3200.
I need some help.


Please check out our examples provided for Energia?