GetProperties and SetProperties details?


I read several posts about it but still cant figure how to retrieve/set via sketch a widget properties, such as timer start and stop timings, slider max and min values etc. I found only few details and examples in the docs section, but there is only details about ‘label’ and ‘color’, which is not my interest. I also read a forum topic about it, but it talks about API- not sketch. There is any list of available properties with the matched keywords (color, label…) to get/set by sketch, for any widget type? It’s hard to believe that I actually need to guess the key words…

Thank you

Hello. All supported properties are listed here -


I saw it but I assumed it just few examples- not all of them.

About the sync option, as I understand and read in the link you posted, it sync the STATE of widgets- not their properties/parameters. Is that so? There is a way to sync their properties?

Actually, what I want is to read start and stop times of a timer widget and accordingly set the min and max values of a value display/labeled value widget.

Thank you for helping



This is not possible at the moment.


We will improve this some day. But at the moment we have other high priority tasks :wink:.