Get to Local Device without WebHOOK

i’ ve made my new domotic system with blynk an i have to use for some existing old devices devices some costant simple GET request.
i don’t need to see it on app with webbhook because they are only in the scketch performed in a function with other command like these:

StateIngresso = param.asInt();
if (StateIngresso == 1 )


-----here i have to put the get request like:’----

it is possible? (i hope it is clear…)

Hi. Could you please explain in other words? I didn’t get it.

let’s try…
i have some devices that are controllable with a GET request, for example if i have to turn the LIGHT controller ON i have to send a request like this: , now i can perform it with a browser or an arduino in client mode

Now i have various BLYNK Arduino devices, like in previous post some virtual pins on some BLYNK devices call a Function that performs various opertaions, i like to include in this operation a simple GET call.

I have many devices controlled by GET string so i prefer don’ use WEBHOOK because the take spaces on screen and i don’t need to Controll this devices alone, only included in functions.

You can use Bridge -

@Matteo_Pizzoli sounds too me like you want something like this

i already use bridge for devices where i have installed BLYN, and work in a very good way but in this case i can’t cause they receive only GET.

that sound Good, i’ve just read the code and look a good way, but in this example seem conmected only to BLYNK server,
i normaly use BLYNK cloud, can i ADD:

const char* host = “192.168.1.xx”; (example of a local device/host
unsigned int port = 8080;

and connect to it in the same time…(BLYNK CLOUD always connected and Device HOST only when i perform the call?)