Get Json Data With Esp8266

I want to get Json data from port and watch it live from BLYNK application … I provided connection as html but it was not usable … Below is the json related data … I just ask how to connect and how to get the data I can do the parse work myself.


{“result”: [“9.3 - ETH”, “21”, “182724;51;0”, “30502;30457;30297;30481;30479;30505”, “0;0;0”, “off;off;off;off;off;off”, “53;71;57;67;61;72;55;70;59;71;61;70”, “”, “0;0;0;0”]}
“9.3 - ETH” - miner version.
“21” - running time, in minutes.
“182724” - total ETH hashrate in MH/s, number of ETH shares, number of ETH rejected shares.
“30502;30457;30297;30481;30479;30505” - detailed ETH hashrate for all GPUs.
“0;0;0” - total DCR hashrate in MH/s, number of DCR shares, number of DCR rejected shares.
“off;off;off;off;off;off” - detailed DCR hashrate for all GPUs.
“53;71;57;67;61;72;55;70;59;71;61;70” - Temperature and Fan speed(%) pairs for all GPUs.” - current mining pool. For dual mode, there will be two pools here.
“0;0;0;0” - number of ETH invalid shares, number of ETH pool switches, number of DCR invalid shares, number of DCR pool switches.