Get info when a value ist last time set/updated

is it possible to get information when a value is last time set/updated?

For example a device is constantly checking the state/value of V1 in a loop and some external script is making an update of V1 by using rest-api. how to check the time when the last set/update of V1 was done?
(also, when the value is set with same value as before aka “update without change”)

When you say “V1”, I assume that you mean Virtual Pin V1 in the app?

If this is the case then you don’t need to keep checking the value of V1, if you use the BLYNK_WRITE(V1) function.

If you store the last value of V1 in code then it’s simple to do a comparison to see if the new value is different.


As described, i also need to know time of update, when value does not change. Currently i’m thinking about a logic that needs to know how many seconds last between value updates.
I’ve got a device that has only one communication with blynk-server: update a specific valie via rest api in a loop. and i need to know if this device is still up/in range of local network. so i only seem to be able to get this information by checking the update-intervall that this device is doing.

it’s meant like, let’s say “reverse ping”

So set another display at same time with time/date stamp as the value.

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