Get data from web with the push of a button : )

Hello Blynkers,

Im trying to get the time the sun sets over the internet, so my lights turn on automatically when it gets dark.
I tried to do this, but for some reason i do not get any response. Can anyone help me?
I know this is not entirely Blynk related, but i am not really in another arduino programming community, so im just asking it over here :).

right now i have this. When i press the button connected to V5, the data should print to the terminal… atleast thats what i thought. What am i doing wrong?

if (client.connect(“”, 80))
client.println(“GET /json?lat=53.1309000&lng=6.566667&date=today HTTP/1.0”);
while (client.connected())
while (client.available())

Many thanks,

Bas Peter

Hello. First thing is - HTTP GET requests could be very slow. And BLYNK_WRITE should be executed as fast as possible. This means putting HTTP request within BLYNK_WRITE is not recommended. It would be better to do something like that (pseudo code) :

    flag = true;
//below some logic in LOOP or better in TIMER method:
if (flag) {
    result = getTempWithHttp();
    flag = false;

Also make sure your code works without Blynk itself.
Also not sure but maybe “http://” is required for domain name.

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Also, please note that it depends on your hardware. Some devices can not process multiple connections in parallel!
Blynk maintains single connection over time.

Oh that could be the case. I am using an arguing UNO with an Ethernet shield. Is this a problem for my hardware?

Arduino* still loving autocorrect :wink:

How about using a LDR?