Geotagging with Blynk and EgiGeoZone

Hi everybody, just to share a small update on my project low cost 4 channel wifi switch…
I was trying to geotag a particular switch and tried with Blynk GPS trigger but I don’t know why the same is not working for me
working for me, so I tried with a third party application that would be easy to configure and this is what I got…

First I created a zone and named it home.

Touch on the profile name and type an alias name now click on the globe icon so that your current coordinates get updated automatically.
Make the radius 100 for optimization, it can be selected till 50. touch on the green folder icon to save.

now click on the ≡ symbol on to left and click on profiles.

select server profiles.

Now comes server options, in URL zone entered type: token no./update/pin no.(D0, D1…or V0,V1… as desired)?value=1or 0 (as desired)

in URL zone exited type: token no./update/pin no.(D0, D1…or V0,V1… as desired)?value=0 or 1 (reverse of value entered in URL zone entered)

put user name and password (it is optional) and click on green folder icon to save.

Click on the specs icon on to to check, a green dot defines success and simultaneously port status in blynk will change.
For me it is working trouble free for about a week.

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