Geofence,gps trigger, same project on different smartphones

How does the geofence or the gps trigger widget is supposed to work on Android in such a situation when you have the same project running on two different smartphones?

Naturally is to think that it should trigger only if there is no smartphone in the radius, and when at least one gets into the radius? Is the server suppossed to solve this logic?

Geofence is still buggy on my android. (Not the widget, but the actual gps background checking thing)

I am not sure how often does the geofence refreshing and how many times the widget is refreshing, but it’s really tricky and the testing is long term.

At the moment is working correctly on a single smartphone…when the geofence refreshes correctly.

I did some major updates on the code but i only tested it once and it worked correctly. I am planning to do some further tests.

I hope the code logic is correct, i went through that part a hundred times.