Generate (Sharing) link

In My project I generate likn (1000 energy) and send it to my buisness partner.
Can I you the same link to send it to another user? Or I must generate one more link?
And if I generate another link - the first user will have access to project?

I believe you only get charged again if you turn OFF the option, then turn it back on… so leave it ON.

I believe you can have multiple users with same share (same QR) at same time.

Remember the sharing users only have access to the project when you have it active on your phone.



No. Existing user will lost access to the shared project.

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Re “generating” link… (stopping project, entering Settings and hitting the Generate Link button - assuming SHARED ACCESS is still ON) based on my test, as long as you don’t REFRESH the link, the QR will be the same as what you sent the first user… but you could always just forward that share as well (if it was email).

But if you REFRESH the link, then yes, you need to give the new QR to all sharing users.

Thank you. Sorry for my Eng. Too tired.