Generate link for own blynk server

Is it possible to generate link by QR code on local blynk server?
Im faild to do such…
Each time i try, i get some kind of message about “project was stop by developer” in client blynk app (android)


You need you to run your shared project.

What do you mean by shared project? How can i share it?
Im already generate link and get code? That was not sharing?

Project that you shared is “shared” :slight_smile:.

It is.

Do every thing wirtten in this manual got same results

  1. If i scan code from log screen got error “#Projectname app is stopped by the author You may try to reload it later”
    Shared ACCESS is ON (in Project settings)

  2. If i scan code from empty project dashboard(logged in) (pressing the code icon) i got
    “This QR code gives you acces to shared Blynk projects. You need to scan it from Log in screen.”

What am i doing wrong?

Aha… it was written with so small text)))
Dont forget to press play button)))))))))

But why i only could share my project then my creator phone is online and blynk-played?

So I got a “kostyl’-based” solution))))… Just run a virtual android x86 on my xeon e3 with blynk runned and played.
And a VNC server to change wigets)))))

Because sharing expected to be used with ready project that doesn’t require changes anymore.

Yes, there is no need to change something…
But why project owner must always held project on play to share it?
What if creator closed his blynk or creators phone are discharged? or creator goes to forest(in place without sellphone network) to collect mushrooms and his wife want to turn on boiler?
(its just and idea comes from my life)

Because “Play” mean project is ready.

Sharing will work in case your project in Run mode in all this cases.

The PLAY control is simply a command sent to the server to say the project is running and it will run forever unless the users presses STOP in the app. So battery discharge or no GSM signal etc has no effect on the “switch” on the server that says the project is running.

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