Generate Auth Token without App?

Hey Everyone,

Just planning my first Blynk project.

Now, I personally don’t own any Apple or Android devices (my phone is a Lumia 950 XL).

There is no Windows Phone Blynk App which means it’s very difficult for me to create a new project and get an Auth Token. (BTW, DEVs check out Microsoft Bridge it lets you port from iOS to UWP. This means that any Windows 10 device (over 500 million devices as of May this year) can run the Blynk App, how awesome would that be???)

I’m in processing of spinning up a Linux VM to run the local server.

Is there any way for me to create a new project and get an Auth token manually on this local server?

I’ve played around a little after using an Android Emulator to go through the process, but I don’t want to have to do that if I continue to use Blynk for projects.

I am planning on using the RESTful API to do my interface with my projects on locally hosted websites.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Near as I can tell, with a little searching around this forum, the App is still an integral part of Blynk and is necessary for both account and project creation.

I think the emulator may be your only alternative, to at least get a project started, and have a place to park essential widgets for certain functions (e.g. RTC & email).