General question about loops

Hi guys,
how I can run a loop only one time? It´s so… every time I push a button on Blynk App, the loop should be called (it checks some conditions, which call again other loops). So the problem is, if I say, the loop which checks the conditions become called automatically every 100ms, so I don´t have any visible delay between the input and the processing/output but there I get in trouble with an other timer which calls a loop up to 100 times per second. If I say the loop where the conditions are written becomes called automatically every 1000ms it would work, but in in practice it looks terrible. (I input something and wait one second until something happens :scream_cat:)

According to me would be a solution, to call the loop where the conditions are writte usually once, when I push a button on Blynk App, the loop should become processed from the start to the end of the loop and finish (Don´t call it periodical, to don´t disturb the other timer)
Hope you understood me or rather my problem :joy_cat::v:

This is exactly how BLYNK_WRITE works.


void myLoop()
// Whatever you put here

Okay now understood what you meant :rofl:
Its usually better to read something twice :joy:… try it tomorrow.
I will contact you if I get problems :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Thanks in the meantime