(General "how to" assistance needed) Automatic LED Glow

I have connected relay to AC Bulb and is working fine with PC. Now, I want to make WiFi ESP8226 module as a access point or router or repeater so as I can connect to my home internet

And also want to host code to connect to blynk server so as it can work with the use of USB Cable to PC.

Please provide me with the code

Thanks ji

This forum is not here to “provide you code”… we will assist you as you learn, but you will need to learn :wink:

Start with the links at the upper right of this page… Documents, Help Center and Sketch Builder. Everything you need to start can be found in there.

This isn’t actually possible.

Then how to connect Arduino Uno Board with Internet so as it can work without PC?
Then how to upload Blynk Server bat file code in Arduino Uno Board so as it can work without PC?

I already showed you where the links are… this is just some of what is in there.


Thanks Gunner, but I am not getting how to embed scripts code in Arduino Unio Board. On PC we run the Blynk server bat file, with which blynk server starts on PC and we can control them from Mobile App, but without PC how can we start the blynk server using the Arduino Uno Board. I am not getting that piece of code in your mentioned docs.
Please help

You cannot run the server on the Arduino board. You have to get something to run Java or use the Cloud server.

Actually what that script does is turn your PC into an oversized USB-Ethernet adapter… effectively allowing a basic Arduino (one without any WiFi or Ethernet connectivity) to connect to the Blynk Cloud server, via your PC’s internet connection.


Running your own “Local Server” is a bit more advanced and not really recommended for beginners… But here is the Documents link: Introduction - Blynk Documentation

And the GitHub page about it.


Thanks Gunner. just a small doubt, will Local Server help in accessing the Project remotely over the Internet?
Also for running the Local Server, we need Arduino Uno Board to get linked with ESP8266 Wifi Module, then how to configure ESP8266 Wifi Module? Do I need to make ESP8266 Wifi Module as Access Point so as the project can be controlled through Mobile Blynk App remotely also?

Please suggest about the Local server and the ESP8266 Wifi Module.

Start with walking before you aim for the moon :wink: Local Server functions the same as Cloud server… just in your control, not necessarily better or faster, at least for most use cases.

Basic Blynk arcitecture is like this…

Blynk App (on Phone) <-internet-> Blynk Server (Cloud or Local) <-internet-> Your Hardware (Arduino, ESP, etc)

If all you have is an Arduino, then the USB script will get you started with Blynk.

If you wish to merge an Arduino with an ESP (not recommended for beginners either) then there are some directions in the Help Center. http://help.blynk.cc/hardware-and-libraries/arduino/esp8266-with-at-firmware

But if you have an ESP8266, then using it by itself, and connecting to Blynk’s Cloud Server, might be your best way to start learning Blynk. http://help.blynk.cc/hardware-and-libraries/arduino/esp8266-standalone

It is ALL in the links I mentioned before…

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It IS possible…
There is a sample sketch included in the ESP8266 library.